Chair inspired by Gaudi

May, 17 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

It’s spring, and it’s raining. But nature has a way of keeping our spirits up, flowers are blooming, trees are green and we are all waiting for that ray of light that will warm our spirits and homes.



Gaudi’s love for nature and its organic composition has inspired Thai designer Eggarat Wongcharit (Craft Factor Design) to create the Gaudi Chair.  Based on the complex relationship between the inner structural membranes of a leaf with its outer edge, the chair, in a similar way, relies on the person who sits on it for the outer structure to become stable and secure.





“Gaudi Chair celebrates the relationship between two components: polyurethane elastic strings and a metal chair frame. By interweaving the inner structure with elastic strings from two different ends, the chair’s metal frame is reinforced with tension. When body weight is put on the seat, enhancing the tension force, the chair becomes more stable”





The optical illusions and sensual forms that the chair evokes are integral to the designer’s scope of communicating a fun and good-feeling product, that is visually attractive and physically comfortable.




Don’t you just want to lounge on this chair under a shaded tree and wait for the summer to arrive?



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