kitchens interior

July, 25 2012 09:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Kitchens of Amsterdam and the related book Kitchen portraits are a set of images of kitchens interior that are part of the work by ERIK WOLTERINK, an Autonomous-Documentary Photographer.

After working for engineering companies for 15 years Erik decided that his life had to change. Over a period of 5 years he has completed the Art Academy St.Joost, resigned from his job, sold his house, moved to Amsterdam, and became a photographer.


His work appears to be very realistic, but by using combination of images it is conflicting with reality.

Erik's pictures are very sharp and detailed, so there are many little surprises to discover. This is what he finds interesting in our environment: so common, so near, but always full of secrets.
Now he is working on another set of kitchens interior, this time coming from the big New York.
What is hidden inside your kitchen?