YouNow by Florence Jaffrain

March, 15 2013 10:00

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Florence Jaffrain is a French designer who believes in creating objects that help people feel alive and live a happier life.  Her philosophy is to design pieces that adapt to the necessity of the people, whether they want to spend time alone or in a group, where a space can be transformed from a party zone into a meditation area without having to change the furnishings.


The mix of comfort and elegance is central to Florence’s designs. After her experience working with prestigious brands like Hermès, Baccarat and Paco Rabanne she set up her own publishing house called “younow”, where she now presents her latest designs.


Wave Sitting Spheres: a collective sofa that invities exchange and an awakeing of the body. Everyone finds a comfortable position that is conducive to comunication. As the balls move, you have to adapt and ride the wave.



 Baloon: a seating that can be transported and manipulated easily



co.o Cocoon seats: it is not the object that has been designed, but the bubble of intimacy that it contains. This object sits between design and architecture: the material becomes the interface that harmonises the relationship between the individual and its environment.



Face to face playing seats: shaped like a "+" and a "x" they can be connected in infinite combinations. The seats are an invitation to meet, a sort of union. The different colours allow us to reinvent without end the seating area, finding new configurations and new ways to meet.



Bonheur, sitting and moving: this seat plays with movement. Between a sofa and a roll, it can also be trasported like a satchel. You just need to chose the place!



Full Moon



Images from YOUNOW Colletion.