May, 21 2012 17:00

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Design industry had changed. Thousands of bloggers, pinners, reality TV fans, DIY-ers and magazine junkies had transformed a once-insider industry into an everyman's cultural phenomenon. By broadcasting the drama of picking the perfect sofa, we have inadvertently schooled everyone on the difference between a Chesterfield and a chaise lounge, and made rock stars out of interior designers. But we also schooled and aroused really rock stars on design.


Recently Lenny Kravitz and Philippe Stark have teamed up on a new line of chairs for Kartel.

Introduced in Milan at the annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the chair is an interpretation of Starks iconic Mademoiselle chair. The upholstery reflects Kravitz’s unique design style. Bold color and texture give a new feel to this classic sit upon. Kravitz founded his own Soho design studio in 2003, so he has experience  to bring to the project. Of course Kartell is known for its forward thinking collaborations, always producing products with some stage presence. This new venture from Lenny and Philippe delivers with a bit of glamor and star appeal. The most intruiging thing about these chairs is the highly textural and contrasting upholstery choices, both beautiful and unexpected, inviting us to sit and stay awhile.

But we also remember other VIP designing (not always exactly successful), e.g.  Pharrell Williams, of The Neptunes and N*E*R*D fame. Following chairs come from his collection .

The “tank wheels” are made out of plexiglass and the chair seat is made out of full grain colt leather.


"Perspective" chair