The Lego Chandelier by Tobias Tostesen

May, 15 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Tobias Tøstesen is a designer from Copenhagen and author of the Chandelier exhibited at Milan Design Week using 7000 pieces of crystal clear LEGO bricks.





Part of The Tube exhibition by Kolding School of Design, this lighting installation looks at the importance of natural light in all its luminosity. The curved transparent bricks illuminate the surrounding area with an array of changing colours depending on the time of the day, from “distinctive cool to exclusive hot”.





In collaboration with The Lego Group, the famous Danish toy brick producer, Tobias wanted challenge the notion of the traditional LEGO brick and apply it to the real world of architecture and design on a 1:1 scale, revealing new potentials for the world-famous brick.





“The approach was to change the notions of what LEGO is and to explore how the material can be challenged in terms of construction and tactility. It became a path of lightness, materiality, surface, transparency and flexibility” (Tobias Tøstesen)