Patricia Urquiola for Kvadrat, her first textile design collection

May, 24 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola presents, in collaboration with Kvadrat, her first textile design collection.


5 graphic motifs proposed: Grid 1+2MatrixMemoryDrops e Winding, abstract designs that combine sophisticated hues, a pleasant feel to the touch and a strong sense of depth and volume.

The collection includes curtains and upholstery fabrics characterized by an apparent randomness that hides the order and regularity of the plot.





The upholstery designs Grid 1+2, Matrix and Memory all feature a digital look and come in complementary colours.

While Grid 1+2 and Memory are upholstery textiles, Matrix can be used both as an upholstery fabric, as well as a curtain.

The curtains Drops and Winding, are characterised by their airiness. Both feature coloured stripes, which stand out on top of a transparent background.

Thanks to their individuality and vivid expressions, the Patricia Urquiola collection is ideal for hospitality venues and private homes.