Knitting the Light Fantastic

June, 8 2012 14:00

Posted inInner Ideas

How to bring the art of knitting in the 21st century? Simple, as London-based designer Fay McCaul puts it, by mixing modern materials with traditional knitting techniques. Using fibre optics and iridescent acrylic, Fay McCaul created a three-part capsule collection called “Knitting the Light Fantastic”, exhibited for the first time at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012.




Grace is a light sculpture suspended from the ceiling as a room divider made out of white fibre optics encased between two clear Perspex sheets, which changes colour with the changing light.





Fauna is a scaled down version of Grace and thought as a wall hanging with a wooden frame, an unexpected alternative to a painting or print. It is again made with fibre optics against a coloured background with delicate illuminated stitchery which magnifies the knitting technique.





Vela is a 4-panel room divider with over a thousand iridescent acrylic squares woven one by one into cotton yarn. This Bauhaus inspired geometric pattern shimmers in the darkness and pearlescent during the day, responding to movement as well as light.