FIREWALL: A sensorial installation

January, 14 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Touch, sound and light: these three elements come together in the latest musical installation created by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Allison.






 “Firewall” is an interactive media installation made from a stretched sheet of spandex that acts as a performance membrane. When users press into the Firewall they produce “fire-like” visuals as well as expressive music notes. The further they press into it, the louder and faster the notes are triggered.


The technology used to create Firewall include a Kinect camera, to capture depth information, a Processing programming language, to create images, animations and interactions, a MAX/MSP, to create sound, and Arduino to make them all interact with eachother.


The original idea for building Firewall, still in its prototype stages, stems from the development of an installation for an upcoming performance at the Tribeca Performing Arts Centre called “Mizalu” to premier in June 2013.  In Mike Allison’s words, “Firewall is a representation of the limits to knowing death while you are alive. As you press deeper to understand, you are faced with the reality that you will never truly grasp what resides on the other side.”