Emotional Dialogue

May, 27 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Can a textile surface trigger human emotions? Can one communicate with a piece of fabric?


These are the questions that designer Svenja Keune from Hamburg posed when creating Emotional Dialogue, a project based on the relationship between textiles and new technologies & electronics.





The interactive surfaces are specially designed to communicate with the surrounding public. Reacting to the proximity and touch of an individual as well as changes in light and noise, they create delicate movements and vibrations that triggers the colourful petals to open and close like a flower, as if the object were alive and breathing.






“As part of my MA-thesis I developed the objects “Lomelia“ “Mocoleme“ and “Estoban“, that are interactive, textile surfaces, which manifest themselves through movement and noises and call upon the people to communicate with them. My special interests are the possibilities of communication between man and object with the use of new technologies. The focus is not a functional one, but rather lies on human expectations, the relationship, the tactile, visual and sonic qualities."





“Lomelia“ “Mocoleme“ and “Estoban“ projects were exhibited at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2013, selected as Curators Choice to be placed in the Press area, and received the DMY Award, the Pappel Design Award and the Pappel Audience Award in 2012.



Images © Svenja Keune