Diversity comes in all shapes, sizes, and lights.

February, 13 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Thanks to Max Gunawan, a previous architect, gone design, we have the new and innovative lamp, called Lumio.




This product is based on the structure of origami and the design of folding and unfolding to function as a transforming light. Because of the modern and unique design, a hardcover foldable book, the product has the function to morph itself into several different shapes, to fit each and every individual need of the consumer. Possible shapes are, according to Kickstarter: - Table lamp - Wall sconce - Accent light - Ceiling pendant - Outdoor lantern - Emergency light




With its 8 hours of fully charged wireless capacity, its automatic open and close turn on turn off setting, magnetic and water resistance surace, and hard flexible spine that allows you to control the brightness level, without the use of buttons and controls, and not to mention the light weight portable design perfect for mobility, this modern twist on an ordinary lamp, is truly anything but ordinary!



This illuminating product reaches out to anyone on the go, busy students, working professionals, at home artists, and even high maintenance children. It's simply a lovely design for design lovers.




Images from http://inhabitat.com