June, 25 2012 09:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Experience is more and more important in design. And what experience can be stronger and more involving than chocolate eating?

Chocolate is able to stimulate all our senses and our brain at the same time (women who suffer for love well know that…)

STUDIO WEIKI SOMERS teamed up with chocolatier RAFAEL MUTTER to create the ‘CHOCOLATE MILL’, a large cylindrical block of chocolate from which delicate rosettes can be shaved off with a crank-turned blade.

CHOCOLATE MILL is a sort of chocolate carrousel, obtained by adapting a machine used as a cheese slicer.
STUDIO WEIKI SOMERS also designed the chocolate which the machine processes, by inserting memories into it like fossils. Thus the three-dimensional aspect of the carrousel is extended by a fourth: time and history translated through movement. By rotating the carrousel's arm, one image appears while another fades away.


Long time ago chocolate was a rare substance, with a sacred flavor. CHOCOLATE MILL injects a new excitement and enjoyment into chocolate by generating a new way of eating and sharing chocolate.