Arara Nomade by Oboio

June, 17 2013 10:00

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There comes a time when young people move out from their parents’ home to study in another city or country. They find themselves in new places, empty rooms get filled up, slowly and not without problems, with their things, memories and small pieces of furniture. After a few years they leave the nest they built with such labour for other blank spaces, leaving behind what they have bought, starting over with the same cycle.

A friend of mine sold nearly all his belongings on eBay before leaving for an internship in China. He said he wanted his life to fit into a suitcase.

What if it were possible to fit an entire wardrobe into a small case?


Copyright by Oboio



Copyright by Oboio



Arara Nomade is a portable piece of furniture to hang your clothes on and keep books or other small items. It is completely demountable and easy to assemble since it needs only four bolts. When dismounted, its components fit into a little trunk that can be used to store clothes when empty.



Copyright by Oboio


Perfect solution for the modern nomads, it is also strongly advised for those students who don’t like waving goodbye to their IKEA pieces when their semester abroad is over.