Fragile showroom by Atelier Mendini and Studio Pepe

January, 10 2014 10:00

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Fragile is the latest design showroom opening in Milan (December 2013), designed by Atelier Mendini and styled by Studio Pepe. The colourful and bold 200 square meter exhibition space shows a collection of some of the best 20th century Italian designs, including a few extremely rare pieces designed by Max Ingrand, Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, BBPR and Gino Sarfatti.





The showroom concept signals the end of the minimal, neutral styled space characterised by subdued and low-key tones: this place shouts colour, irony, fun and personality reflecting Fragile’s new collection of historical design furniture and objects.





Stepping away from the conventional, the walls are painted pink and sea-foam green while puzzles of colours decorate the floor. The objects, ranging from furniture, lightings, furnishing accessories and jewellery created by the most important designers from the last century, are placed together through an accurate cataloguing system and detailed research work.





Fragile is open for visitors in Via San Damiano 2, Milan.





Images © Fragile