February, 21 2012 12:30

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It’s unbelievable: young, digital people even don’t know these items, while for older generations (including me) they have been representing youth, hope, dreams and inspiration. Here an other way for music cassettes and vinyls to be again good ideas and inspiration’ source.






Vinyls are made of thin plastic material and can be effortless molded using a flame or a cutter (check eventually not to be handling a John Lennon and Yoko Ono Double Fantasy -estimated $ 525.000-); further, their circular shape is incredibly versatile.


You can carve and bend them, in order to obtain the shape you prefer. Take care of preserving the vinyl’s central label: this is what actually let the vinyl be recognized as the raw material of your piece.


birdsong by Aimee Gruar



A ready made idea: use your vinyls like ornamental plates.



About music cassettes: they are small, the most are transparent and they contain mysterious analogical stuff called tape.


A lamp is the perfect evolution for these see-through objects. You can easily put cassettes together by taking advantage of their two holes: electricians’ nylon zip ties are the best for this purpouse.


cassette tapes floor lamp by ooomydesign


By repeating the cassettes along a single dimension, you obtain a pattern to cover almost everything with.


nostalgic chair by ooomydesign


cassette tape closet by the creative barn


Do you have just one surviving music cassette? Use all your creativity and make something really amazing!


Iri5’s artwork, Ghost in the machine serie